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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gospel of John Update

Thanks to all who responded and took action to my previous post:

Important Ministry Update (<- click to read)

In that post I told of how I was in need of some help supplying large print Gospels of John for my ministry to nursing homes. 

It was amazing how over the next month or two, boxes of Gospels of John would show up at my door just when I needed them. For instance; at one concert I handed out all the remaining Gospel of Johns that I had to whoever wanted one (& I had exactly enough!). Then I came home to find a box of Gospels on my doorstep. How amazing is that?  

At each of my concerts I usually share some highlights from John. It has blessed me so much to 'hang out' in this Gospel for as long as I have now. I will continue to dwell on it and share from it as long as the Lord allows me to. It is so packed with depth and meaning and life, etc... it would take a lifetime to explore. But I always try to remember that the Bible isn't the thing, Jesus is. The Bible just introduces him. Getting to know him, love him and follow him is the point - not become an expert on all things biblical.

Today I had yet another insight from this amazing Gospel. Jesus said, "I am the bread of life."  Jesus said this during a conversation he was having with some Jews right after he had fed the 5,000. I was meditating on this while munching on some leftover bagels from church on Sunday. (Please take a moment and read for yourself what Jesus has to say in John 6.)

(thanks for taking a moment to read what God wrote, now on to my ramblings...)

As I thought about that passage I was remembering reading the story about the manna in Exodus 16.

 I kind of think of 'manna' (and this relates to Jesus too) like the lembas bread that the elves gave the hobbits. Super nutritous, packed with all you need, and best of all, it's yummy! (described as tasting like honey).

(Click if you care to read up on Lembas bread - amazing stuff that! fascinating read too as parallels are made to the Eucharist - which also happens to be a topic in John 6)

The differences I see between Lembas and Manna, however, is that Lembas bread stays fresh for months! Manna (and Jesus) is described as "daily bread". It is only good for a day (except on the Sabbath) and must be gathered and prepared for each new day (except on the Sabbath - see Exodus 16 to read all about it).

At any rate, the important thing about this whole discussion comes with this application:

Did you eat today? 

If you would like to continue to help this ministry, you can go directly to BIBLICA.COM and order a box or two of Large Print Gospels of John and have them sent to this address

1234 Main Street

Green Bay, WI  54302.

Thanks for listening and for the support,

Daniel Lovett

ps. I got some feedback from one man who reads his Gospel of John every night. He says it helps him to sleep better. =0)
Please help make a difference in someone's life by buying a box of Gospels for this ministry

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