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Monday, October 27, 2008

"tiny hands" (free song download)

Above is my very first music video feauturing a song called "Tiny Hands". It was inspired by the amazing movie "Bella", but mostly by my sister-in-law Stacy and her little girl Ava.

Stacy was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the blood and soon after learned that she was pregnant. She was advised by her doctors to abort her child in order to recieve the treatment that would prolong her life. She refused and expected, for all practical purposes, to deliver the child and die soon after. All of her family and friends began praying for her situation and asked that the Lord would heal her. I still remember the shocking and surprising phone call we recieved the day we heard the news that the cancer was gone. The Lord had answered our prayers and healed her. She gave birth to a happy and healthy daughter named Ava Grace. Ava is truly the happiest baby I have ever seen and has given me insight into the joy of God. Whenever I vote, the overriding issue for me is a baby's right to live. But this is not just an issue for the election year.

A friend of mine made the comment that people only brought up the issue of abortion and were "prolife" once every four years. He said that this wasn't really being prolife, it was being anti-abortion - and not very effective at that.

It is true that this uncomfortable topic is brought before the public when this nation is choosing leaders who might effect the laws that permit mothers to "abort their pregnancy". Why should we suffer needlessly the three plus years after election day by brooding on this atrocity? BUT, in response to my friends comment I say that if those in favor of the murder of infants can call themselves "prochoice", then certianly those who oppose the murder of infants can call themselves "prolife".

We don't live in the dark ages. I so appreciate seeing that commercial that shows the baby in the womb and a woman narrating about its heartbeat at so many weeks, and the stages of the babies development. She finishes by saying that she once thought of it as a blob of tissue and now she sees just how wrong she was.

This has been going on for far too long in this nation. Yet so many of us are silent on this issue. There is no overwhelming outcry against abortion. So what are our leaders to think? They represent us don't they? They represent the fact that we care more for our wealth, our individuality, and our precious freedom of choice, then we do about the rights of the unborn.

Will you help me change this? Why must it be the policy of the Republicans to be prolife, and the Democrats policy to be "prochoice"? Why can't it be everyones policy to give an unborn child the right to live? I believe that if we all continue to stand for truth and justice that we can change the world. Much like William Wilborforce stood against the profitible and dispicable practice of the slave trade in England, we must stand against the murder of children in "God blessed" America.

This is a human rights issue. A human being has a right to live.

I honestly don't know if we will ever be able to legally defend the life of the unborn. I don't know if the laws will ever change. Be we can and ought to do what we can, reaching one person at a time with the message that each new life is precious, a gift from God to be cherished and loved.

This is why I am offering my song "tiny hands" as a free dowload. All I ask is that you will pass it on to a friend. Send them a link to this page. Send the song as an email attachment. Just please pass it on. If even just one woman decides to keep and cherish her child. It will be worth it. This is my gift to you... this is my gift to the world.

(visit this website to download-->"www.reflectworship.com/freesong")

Please pray with me and fight with me for the unborn! Do what you can while God lends us breath to pursue justice and truth and most of all, love.

I was thinking this morning about the scars, both physically and emotionally, that women carry the rest of their lives after an abortion. Many of us are trying to be sensitive to them and not raise such a painful issue. But future pain can be avoided, and present pain can be healed.

My wife and I recently watched a movie that "lit a candle in our heart" and spoiled us by showing us what a good movie is all about. The movie is called Bella. Make it the next one you rent and be blessed.

Thanks for listening,

Daniel Lovett


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Thursday, October 23, 2008

For the Unborn


Recently I spent some time at Barnes and Noble and way too much on a cup of coffee (down with Starbucks!). I was reading a book called "Velvet Elvis" by Rob Bell. The book was such a blessing. In it, he told a story of his friend Matt who went to visit a couple who had just lost their newborn baby. Born at two pounds, it wasn't ready to make it's entrance into the world. As Matt entered the room, he noticed that the baby was still in the room with the grieving couple. After greeting the couple, Matt went over, picked up the baby, and kissed it on the forehead.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I read this. It got me to thinking about the preciousness of life and.... about abortion.

I used to live down the street from a "Planned Parenthood" which is one location where babies are put to death every day accross our nation. While driving by, I would often see people out on the street praying. Some times (most times) they would have posters. Posters with graphic pictures of babies that have been mutilated and parts of children found in medical waste.

Like most people, I was disturbed that they would show these pictures and wished that I didn't have to see them. I was mad at these picketers for disturbing the public (me) with these graphic pictures. But then I began to see things in a different light. How much more shocking and disturbing that murder is legal in America!

I recently watched the movie "Amazing Grace". It is the story of a man named William Wilberforce who devoted his life and political career to abolishing the slave trade in England. In spite of much hardship and setbacks and after a long a tiring effort, he finally overcame. His opponents were convinced that a sudden end to such a profitible market would spell financial ruin for England. So it was allowed to persist for years. Year after year Wilberforce would propose his bill, each time ending in defeat, until public opinion shifted to such a degree that the opponents didn't have a leg to stand on. The outcry against slavery had become greater than the voice of those profiting from the travesty of slavery.

Tell me, would America suffer economic ruin, if we were to end abortion say... today? Whoever is profiting from this business of death, shame on them!

As Scriptures say, "the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil." Do you think that those involved in other such evils (such as modern day sex slavery and porography) would stay involved if there were no profit? If there were no one buying their product, their business would fail.

Does it strike anyone else as odd (and shocking) that there exists places where mothers can murder their children and furthermore, that it is legal?

I was inspired by the movie Amazing Grace but I am not a politician or a lobbiest. I am at a loss of how to fight this evil or effect any sort of change.

While at Barnes, a woman sitting accross from me held her six month old baby boy. He was "waving" (holding out his arms in a general direction and clenching and unclenching a fist) and smiling at those around him and generally evoking so much joy in everyone who happened to observe this sweet innocent child. This preciousness is worth fighting for.

Children are models for us all, as Jesus pointed out. They are uninhibited, unpreoccupied with self. They display what most of us have lost with our "reserved" and "dignified" ways. We don't look at eachother in the eye as children do. When have any of us felt awkward at a babies stare? No, we instead feel honored and blessed by their notice. They are little angels - God himself supplying their joy. The first thing they learn is how to smile; and as I have obsereved from my work in nursing homes, it seems it is the last thing that we as human beings forget.

I am not into politics. My wife talks me into getting out to vote, but when I do, the only issue that I am voting on is this:

Who will fight for the unborn children?

This is the only issue.

Will you do what you can to fight for the unborn?

I just happened to open the dictionary on the table as I was writing and it opened exactly to the word "picket". It is defined as, "A person stationed outside an establishment etc... to demonstrate opposition."

Will you be a demonstrate your oposition with me and do what you can, as you are inspired, to stand against to the killing of America's children?

Praying for Justice,

Daniel Lovett

ps. This is my neice. Her mother was advised by the doctors to abort the baby to prolong her life as she was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the blood. She refused the idea immediately and chose to deliver the child and expected, for all practical purposes, to die soon after. We all prayed a great deal for her and the Lord saw fit to heal her completely of her cancer. Her baby is a now a joy and delight to their family - and I must say that she is the happiest baby I have ever met. She is always smiling, full of joy.